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Pubg map and pubg new map are listed below, In the following list you will find all interactive maps of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, pubg loot map of pubg snow map or pubg desert map that other community users have shared for you, so you will get the pubg xbox new map or pubg mobile new map of different versions. If you do not know where to fall or where are the best areas of loot when you are flying over the map, do not worry, here you will find all the maps you need like pubg winter map or pubg savage map.

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2017 will go down in history as one of the best years of the game but will be remembered also for the phenomenon that broke all possible forecasts, player unknowns battlegrounds map, the title of Blue Hole in the final version but that has reaped an unprecedented success since its been in the already is a proposal not free of problems and which seams are seen with technical setbacks and poor performance. That is why it is so complex to analyze how they deserve detailing each of its parts technically the verdict would be clear, it is not at the level of its irrefutable numbers but that would be simply and plainly not having understood absolutely anything that really offers pubg map, is neither more or less than a unique and essential experience and already a reference.

In its launch it was very difficult to analyze a game like pubg and is that if we stick to the cold and objective data the player unknowns battlegrounds is a title that only has a game mode a couple of maps and a handful of aesthetic sets that collect as the only reward for playing, any other multiplayer proposal would have been crucified with numbers so, how can a game with such a cover letter become the biggest phenomenon of recent years? The answer is very simple for its fascinating rich and unpredictable rich game experience as little is remembered.

The premise of battleground is very simple, emulating the synopsis of the film Battle Royale 100 players are thrown to a map of desert island to participate in a battle to the death in which there can only be one winner in it we find weapons vehicles and various utensils for fight against the other players.

From there the development of the game and the experience of each player in it is different, sounds like a topic but in the case of battleground is a reality, there are no two matches and how do you get it? Well, giving each player the absolute freedom to develop as he likes and can in the battlefield.

There are no rules in pubg map, our only goal is to survive how to get it depends on the cleverness skill of each of the 8 square kilometers of map that make up each of the 4 maps available at the launch of the game.