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The Scum map size is 144 square kilometers. The scum map locations are cities, military bases map, ports and rough mountain areas. On this site you will find scum interactive map. It seems that Gamepires and Croteam, the developers of the game, plan to make the map bigger. We will be vigilant if there is scum map update and we can see a new map scum.

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Our goal in Scum map is to escape from an island trying all kinds of challenges avoiding running around the map being hunted by zombies robots and other artificial intelligences implemented in the game until we gain popularity based on our heroics. As our fame increases we will be seeing little by little some of its characteristics and some of its mechanics is unlocked. Our character has four key attributes that will define how to start our character and what skills these attributes will have: strength, constitution, dexterity and intelligence. Each attribute will have a series of skills and characteristics assigned to it.

For example force will measure all our attributes of strength in combat, affinity with weapons and so on, the constitution will measure our endurance and the ability to swim and the speed to run on the map, skill will measure stealth driving piloting climbing or the launches, finally intelligence will measure our ability to survive.

The difference in Scum of a character with strength one and another with strength 5 is abysmal and this affects our stamina and the capacity of weight that can carry one and another among many other characteristics one of the important characteristics also of the forces because you will lose if our character You have to handle the gun recoil much better.

Is quite demonstrated all the attributes are important and the key will be in which enter the first physical symptoms are the most technical as for example intelligence as a curious fact in the constitution to say that it is a very important factor for the character and not only in the visual theme of the own if we have a high quote to our character apart from looking more muscle while run throught the scum map if not that it will be able to resist more blows and will have a greater resistance capacity

If for example we have a low constitution our character will fall easily unconscious and we will be very vulnerable in career situations and if we have a very low degree of constitution and keep the character running for a long time our character will be fatigued and may even vomit with what in case of a persecution could be deadly, one of the most important characteristics of the skill will be the speed at which we reload our weapon, we can see the difference so abysmal that there is between dexterity 1 and 3 to 5 but this speed is also is affected by the degree of knowledge that we will have the weapon we are using in scum, the speed at which we can reach recharging our weapons will depend on these two factors of both the skill and the knowledge of the weapon and the map this will make us be able to make a difference in a game combat.